IFPD TV Duo Trolley LED/LCD Lift Max 80kg 42″-75″ Screen Model INZR680

Electric trolley based lift for large format displays up to 75″ or 80kg.

Smooth, quiet, professional electrical operation raises and lowers the screen by 680mm, allowing all users access to the display.

Additional safety Anti-Collision feature prevents the screen from dislodging itself in the case of accidentally lowering onto an object.

Ready assembled. Simply screw the universal mount brackets onto the screen and hang on the trolley.

5 year On Site Warranty.

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IFPD TV Duo Trolley LED/LCD Lift Max 80kg 42″-75″ Screen Model INZR680

The Hi-Lo Duo INZR680 Mobile TV lift has 680mm height adjustment, providing access to the screen for wheelchair users and all age groups and height ranges.

Sleek and smooth operation – electrically driven height adjustment with reliable, quality components.

Tactile smooth start switch for simple operation.

Accommodates TV screens up to 75 inches or up to maximum 80Kg in weight.

Stylish trolley base provides excellent stability for large format TV screens.

Individually locking, easy glide, high quality twin castor wheels and high density plastic handles ensure the tv trolley lift is easily maneuvered.

Powder coated durable black finish.


Product Model:                Touch Hub INZR-680 Table Stand

Height Adjustable:            Electronically Controlled

Height Adjustable:            670mm - 1320mm

Turning Angle:                 Motorised

Turning Angle:                 90°

Mount Dimensions:           Max Width - 800mm / Height - 600mm

Table Stand Width:           980mm


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