BOE Painting Screen

iArt oil painting screen, BOE A grade iGalley screen, The Art Gallery under your finger touch and eye comforting 

Deploying lossless gamma technology, equipped with intelligent induction display and intelligent light sensing technology, which can restore the true texture of the artwork.

Through the APP application connecting with cloud database, you can build a screen ecosystem from the four dimensions of content library, users, collectors and up-loaders, so that consumers can browse the world of art treasures without leaving home.

32 inch and 55 inch are in massive production

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BOE Painting Screen

Enhance Your Home Style and Highlight Your Art Taste by auto Sensitization and Intelligent Energy Saving with Authentic Color Rendition.

Landscape and Portrait Modes for easy adjustment

Two frame color options. Appearance, the use of wooden frame, fabric lining the home style, while designing a retro knob and magnetic charging, enhance the user experience.

Rich artistic content and realistic display technology have jointly achieved the outstanding achievements of BOE painting screen in many fields such as home decoration, art aesthetic education, exhibition display and so on.

BOE Painting Screen(图1)

BOE Painting Screen(图2)

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