In-Dispaly Standard All In One Smart Whiteboard

All in one interactive solution for your classroom. 

Standard All In One Smart Whiteboard is a highly integrated smart whiteboard that has both advantages of traditional handwriting board and multimedia equipment, integrated 9 products like interactive whiteboard, stainless handwriting whiteboard, brand computer, visual presenter, multimedia controller, 2.4g wireless microphone, digital amplifier, classroom monitor and digital clock. 

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In-Dispaly Standard All In One Smart Whiteboard

American enamel whiteboard, true ease in writing.  Wipe it so easy and convenient, leave no trace.

Intelligent image capture, without light interference. World’s advanced technology, loss-free without using.

Modular cabinet design, installed upper and lower door. Internal hidden cables, made it easy to use and operate.

Adopting first-line PC brand such as Lenovo, Hp, Dell, Founder, you can enjoy the perfect after-sales service.


● Projection and writing are bright and clear

HD optical lens, Optical 22 ×zoom, Digital 10 ×Zoom. Presenting the details bright and clear, and protecting the eyesight.

● Mids and highs are pleasant to the ear

60W digital amplifier, performed with special 6 horns. The mids have nice full sound and the highs are clear.

● Microphone will protect your throat 

2.4G wireless microphone enhances sound quality without feedback. You can make the PowerPoint slide by using the built-in laser pointer.

● Unite exterior and interior to be simplicity

European simple style, elegant appearance. Module assembly design, easy to maintain and upgrade.

● Operate and apply the button as easy as ABC

New electronic button, clear interface. Reasonable regional distribution, control freely.

● Share knowledge by using internet

Network controller function (option)Regular web connection, remote phone connection. Multiple control ways, convenient for teachers. 


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